hebMule2 v1.0 - a new hebMule generation!
Avi3k - 18/09/2005, 20:30
A new version of hebMule was released today,
marking the beginning of a new generation of hebMule versions.
This event will soon be marked with a new codename for hebMule (which for now is called hebMule2).
The new version contains update to all of hebMule's old features with many new features and fixes.

Click here to download the new version,
the complete changelog will be available online soon.
Earlier this month a new Skinner (version 0.9d) was released and it's available for download as well in the DL page.

Also, with the new changes in hebMule,
soon the site will be changed as well with more support & guides

Enjoy ;)
New versions of hebMule, Skinner & LinkCreator are out
Avi3k - 09/08/2005, 16:41
Yesterday new versions of hebMule, Skinner & LinkCreator were released.
As promised, the new hebMule bans known GPL violators and leecher mods.

Skinner's entries were updated and a new translation is available (Czech).
LinkCreator has a fix to the dialog size

To download the new version,
click here
Various updates about hebMule project
Avi3k - 19/04/2005, 16:00
I want to update everyone about the project and what is going on.
Soon I'm going to disconnect from the internet and therefore will not be available as much as I was so far.

First I want to let you know that I will continue working on hebMule and help as much as possible.
If anyone needs help with eMule, visit Official eMule website & forum.

Second, (When I can,) I'm going to release soon a new version of hebMule that will ban alot of leechers & GPL violators.

Third, if you'd like to contact me via email, please use the gmail or lycos addresses only.

Finally, I want to thank anyone who helped and supported the project :)
hebMule v0.45b beta
Avi3k - 19/02/2005, 17:51
a new hebMule is out
this version is a beta version so please backup your config folder before usage
Win9x users need to download and install the unicode layer here

as usuall, you can download the new version from here

(use the official Mule if you encounter any problems)
hebMule 0.44d released
Avi3k - 20/11/2004, 21:39
a new hebMule based on eMule 0.44d was released.
the release includes a Unicode build ;)
(details available in the readme.txt file)
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