Welcome to hebMule's project site.
hebMule project is the home of eMule's new, unique mod hebMule2, which is based on the old, known hebMule mod.
hebMule was started in early 2003 and was the base for the Hebrew translations in eMule.

On July, 2003, hebMule site was open here on SourceForge.net and
started becoming one of the more unique mods available.
Now hebMule features new options and improvements for better performance and easier work.
It also has different feature for more security like AntiLeech, external AntiVirus support, fake server filter and more...

On March, 2004 the first sub-project Skinner was introduced,
a popular tool to create and edit skins for eMule with multilingual interface and different options to make eMule skinning easy.
A few months later Link Creator was added as well,
a tool to create ed2k links with multilingual support and different options.

Like eMule, a free and open source software, all the projects here are available for free and under the GPL license.

Important Message:
Since November 2008 the project is no longer active, including the forum and contact.
The site will remain as is, the forum will be read-only but no updates will be available for both the projects and site.
hebMule 1.2
Skinner 1.0

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