hebMule v1.2 is the new generation of the known hebMule mod.
It contains many new and unique features like:
* AntiLeech - protects users against bad clients and mods, leechers etc.
* AntiVirus support - to scan files for viruses when you finish downloads or share files.
* Shared Cats - organize your shared files with categories.
* ModID - information about mod usage, including statistics.
* WebSearches - allows editing the method list in the search to add site searching.
* ServerFilter - to filter servers in different ways by ping, user count, fake servers etc.
* Slot Control & Compression level - to control upload speed, compression, slot count etc.
* hebMule Credit System - a statistical based credit system.
* Fake check - inform user about fake files, including marking files as fakes and more.
* Search Export - save searches into eMule Collection, Text/CSV, HTML or XML.
* Ed2k type view - view shared files by Ed2k type.
* mod localization (i18n): English, Hebrew and Italian.
* Push small files, Reconnect on LowID / Internet down and much, much more features...

For more information about each feature, check the Features and Changelog tabs.


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